Churchfield Racing 2019 Results

Results for 2019...
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2c Results:
The 2c racecar is  powered by a 406 CID small block GM cast iron engine. The transmission is a stock Saginaw Three Speed.
The rear end is a Nine Inch Ford housing. The gear ratio is 6:20 (locked). We can run on 10/8 inch Hoosier tires.

Date of Event,
8/24/2019 - Hidden Valley, packed house. Gary's start the heat race was strong, 2 laps in and the triple-disk clutch fails.
We can't catch a break. We actually are competitive at Hidden Valley, these are "street stocks" and we hope the promoter
does not fold like other tracks. Pro-Stock racecars are Limited Late Models, not Street Stock.

8/17/2019 -
After 3 weeks of modifications to the 2c, we head to Hidden Valley in Clearfield. (Rained out)
7/6/2019 - Dissapointment with rule changes and other issues, Gary will no longer race the 2c at Latrobe.
6/22/2019 -
Latrobe, this place is like Romper Room. I love kids, but Latrobe is simply too loose with "Kidz" stuff.
The 2c had more issues. We don't any get HOT LAPS, so we must trust the racecar setup off the trailer. This night another part failed us.
We can't shake out the bugs during HEAT RACES. Only a fool would put an un-tested racecar on the pole...stupid again!!

6/15/2019 -
Latrobe, actually beat the rain tonight. Lots of fans in the pits for us. That ugly "miss-fire" popped up again. I know where
the problem is. Started the feature in the back, finished in the back. But the back is 7th because we were not the first car to leave the track

in the feature.
There are no cars in our division. This is stupid...
- Latrobe first actual race (DNF) An isolated shower slowed the program, the 2c returned to the pits during the heat race.
The rear brakes failed when a broken bolt caused the rear caliper bracket to spin on the axle tube. Un-official: 9th place
5/11/2019 -
Latrobe first race (cancelled) The team was in the pits. Track conditions appeared hopeless, then the rain ended all hope.
5/4/2019 - Latrobe Opener (rainout) No make up date scheduled.
The management at Latrobe have not rescheduled an official opener, so we will put another weekend into the lost column. Unless something breaks weather wise,
which is anyones guess in WPA, we may not see any racing till June, and that may be a "double points" night...double ZERO??

4/27/19 - DNA (Did Not Attend) Next Event 5/4/19
4/20/19  - Latrobe Speedway Test and Tune (rainout)
4/13/19 - Latrobe Speedway Test and Tune. Car will receive a lot of attention to detail this coming week.
Gary's first experience behind the wheel of a racecar in over a dozen years.
The track was a little rough, but considering that only a few months ago the entire surface was weeds, things went pretty good. The top was dry and any bite that was there was coming apart really fast, but all in all, the day went well.
The last time anyone raced on the Latrobe Speedway "bad fast" half mile was almost a decade ago.
Gary had only one minor setback, and Church actually pre-determined the problem, but skipped over all instincts, and went to the track carrying the spare parts needed. We never got on the track before the "steering quickner" failed, off the trailer. We replaced it and managed to turn 25 laps of solid practice.
Gary's first intention was turning laps. This was a "car and driver" shakedown. We will use the next session to get the car dialed in closer. It will take time getting used to the new tire compounds.
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