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Terry Churchfield is a retired small business system technician. 

Amateur Radio FCC License: K3HKR (1957)
Graduation: High School Wilkinsburg (1960)
Formal training: Lasalle Technical Institute (1967) Electronics Technician
                        Color TV Servicing (RCA correspondence course) (1968)
                        Computer training Zenith Corporation (1979)
Work Experience: 11 years with Ford Motor Company - Dealership service and parts manager (1961-1971)
                           Part owner C & S Electronics (1971)
                           CES technician and Audio Service manager D & D Service (7 years through 1980)
                           Heathkit/Zenith CES Technician, Satellite Store (1981-1985)
                           Owner-operator Data Softique Computer Store (1985-1988)
                           Commodore Computers - district service representative Amiga Computer (1988-1990)
                           CDR Systems - SBS builder/installer and peripheral component service tecnhician. (1991-2002)
Early Retirement (cancer 2002)
Additional: Worked as automotive computer OBD technician and state inspection technician - Center Garage.
Self-Employed IT technician for several local small business organizations. (2003 - present)
Born: February 1943 -
My Life Experiences:
I have been active in almost everything imaginable from Hot-Rods to Computer Science, with a little and a lot of experimenting
in between. I have built racecars, I raced cars - Drag and Circle Track. I worked with Hot Rodders during the mid 60's as a Ford
Parts Performance representative. I worked with the Forest Hills Ford Race Team (1968 429CID Torino).
I did experience the Disco era from behind the turn-tables. I built The Disco Factory lighting and sound system and managed
the GPRP (record pool) record promotion organization until 1979. All this while I worked full time.
I spent seven of my best years coaching youth baseball for the PBAA. Gary was a very good catcher (no. 35).
I returned to my racing roots in 1998 when I helped my son build a racecar as his "senior project" at Plum High School.
Gary raced the car from 1999 (Jennerstown) to 2001 when he began racing at Latrobe Speedway...the original Schmuckers
speedway, where I spent some time as a pit crew member for Wilson Racing (1959).
I formally retired in 2002 during my fight with cancer. However I never ceased to volunteer as a consultant and IT tech.
I closed my CES service shop (in-home) 2009. Survived open-heart surgery in 2014.
Recently we sold Gary's 1932 "B" Model project so he could return to racing!!
I am 76 years old and my bucket list is down to a few items...
I must add, my wife and best friend in the world...I could not be so lucky...without her I would have never lasted this long.
Maureen is the love of my life.

"I can't believe I am still turning wrenches at the age of 76".
"Never do as I say...ask questions, research the issue, apply the solution to your situation and do what you believe is just or reason".
Terry Alan Churchfield [1943 -

Most Influential people in my life:
As a teenager - Robert Mangold, William "smitty" Smith
As a young man - Art Haldeman, Ruth E. Churchfield (mom)
Throughout my career - Dennis Cannon, Dr. T. Rosvanis and Dr P. Musselman, Maureen (my wife)
As a senior citizen - James Wempa, Barry Phillips, Al Sivick, "GM" Pete

...and God                       

My family: Maureen (wife), Gary, Sean, Raun and Dawn (daughter)
Sister Gary (died in auto accident before I was born).
Allie, Haley, Ashley, Ryan, Samantha, Abby, Taylor, Raun Jr., Lucas, Jason and Dillon (grandkids).

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