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Driver owner Gary Churchfield - 2c grass roots Street Stock.

The Second Chance race team...
So now the "Second Chance" raceteam prepares to return to Latrobe Speedway. Almost two decades has passed since Gary and I first set our racacer in the pits at the old Schmucker Speedway. The inagural race was back in 2000 when Chester Aretta re-opened the speedway on a bright sunny fall afternoon for one special race. Gary never raced on dirt, he never understood the fun of throwing a car into a turn, letting the ass hang out while stabbing at the throttle and turning the front wheels to the right. His first seasons were on asphalt.
I remember talking with Tommy Beck for several hours after he gave us some American Racer E-mod tires to race with, he basically said open up the wheel wells, setup the car to roll over and tell your driver to have fun...Gary never looked back. He finished 9th that day out of 18 cars that started.
Since the first car, the 35 pure stock, built as a High School "senior year project" Gary has built, or refurbished more than six cars for racing. Mainly on dirt. The 35 (car 1) and 35 (car 2) were pure stock Monte Carlos, the 45 car was a 4 cylinder enduro. These cars were built from scratch using CSC roll cages and DOM tubing purchased from Multi-Metals in Jeanette. The 35 (car 2) which began its season at Jennerstown became the 35x after Gary turned his attention to dirt track racing. The 35 (car 1) became the 23k for his fiancee Amanda Kopec. She raced that car at Latrobe.
That same year, Gary won Fall Fest at Challenger Raceway in the 35x Pure Stock.
Gary built a second enduro car for his father-in-law. The car ran up front for several laps at Lernerville until "luck" ran out for Glenn and fate struck the car in the rear, spinning him into the infield. Gary's first street stock was the 3X (triple-X) car, it was his first "second chance" car that was originally built for the old Winbar Raceway by the Swank race team. That car was later sold so Gary could invest in his first, of three, dirt Late Model racecars. The first two 35x Dirt Cars were old Bullit Chassis cars. The 35x late model raced at Latrobe where Gary received "rookie honors". His 2c GRT was a Lynn Geisler car. That car gary raced for three years, mainly at Lernerville, with special race events in Ohio and West Virginia.
The 2c team sold out in 2006. Expenses were mounting, money was tight, Church was having health issues and Gary was ready to start a family.
Then, after a decade of building several hot-rods, 2018 comes and the announcement that Latrobe was going to race again...
Now the "Second Chance"  (2c) raceteam is back in the shop giving an old Street Stock chassis a second chance to win. The division will be Penn Ohio Pro Stock at the old Schmuckers Speedway. Yes, Latrobe Speedway will run a five division race schedule starting in May of 2019. The track will run on Saturdays.
You can follow the re-build here on Gary's site. I will keep the website up to date as mush as possible and still work in the shop...it can be done.   [TBC]

Gary Churchfield - driver/owner 2c Pro Stock
Latrobe Update - We will search out a "racer friendly" track. We will no longer support Latrobe Speedway.