Church's Racing Notes: Book 1  
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This book is comprised from years of racing notes and my compilation from the many books
I have read regarding dirt track racing and racecar setup.

I have worked on several racecars during the past 25 years, including Pure Stock, Street Stock,
Pro Stock, Late Models and Hornets. Of all these challenges, only the Street Stock division
offerred any level of true satisfaction.
These are notes...use them to your level of circumspection. Only you can guarantee a winner.
 I strongly suggest you find a copy of Steve Smith's - Street Stock Chassis Technology.
 I have used this book for decades and I endorse Steve's book, and the information illustrated inside.
 Even though Street Stock has changed over the past 30 years, the technology remains basically the
 A lot of the information in my notes have been derived from Mr. Smith's application of Dirt Track Racing.

  Notebook (1)  The proper power steering pump is essential for your SBC setup.
  Notebook (2)  Adjustment "cheat sheet". Racecar setup adjustments you do in the pits, at the track.
  Notebook (3)